April 2008:

The grey and cold weather allows us to do one of our fantastic activity: distillation!

  Alambic_Condenseur.JPG Our old copper pot still

Distillation is a know-how that André learnt by his father. It requires patience but also a lot of care.

This year we will only distill marc (pomace) de Gewurztraminer.
A little explanation is necessary... During the harvest, we kept the pomace coming from a plot of Gewurztraminer. Once out of the press, pressed bunches have been sorted to separate berries and stems. Even if the berries looked empty, they still have sugar in it (100 kg give about 5 L of pur alcohol).
So after destemming, berries have been put in a vat where the fermentation started.


 Pomace after fermentation 










Pot still after the 1st distillation

It is a double distillation, that means we make it in 2 times :
- distillation of the pomace give a first alcohol at low degree (30-35°)
- this alcohol is then distilled itself in an eau-de-vie at 70° alc., which is rectified with water at 48° alc.