Wine-making : respecting traditions

Wine-making is a very gentle process. Human intervention is reduced to a minimum and aims to express - without altering - the potential quality of the harvest.

A number of thermo-regulated steel tanks, with varying capacities, allow each plot to be vinified separately. Throughout the long wine-making process, the traceability which began at the vine continues in the cellar and is crucial in reflecting the properties of the terroir.

The wines are then left to mature in the same tanks. We control the long aging process to produce wines that reflect what we are striving to achieve: the key word is balance. They should feature a blend of elegance, finesse, structure and complexity. Some consumers will prefer our wines young, crisp and fruity; while others will enjoy an older, more harmonious wine, complex and minerally, a true reflection of its terroir.

The estate has established a good clientele of customers who enjoy dry and sophisticated wines.