Taking care of the vines : made-to-measure cultivation

Passionate about vines, André's love of the plant and the expertise acquired through experience are reflected in the magnificent vineyard, his garden.Engrais-Verts.jpg

The sustainable development of our vineyard involves rational and sustainable wine-growing (viticulture raisonnée), with a perfect understanding of the ecology of the terroir, aiming to obtain pure grapes while respecting the environment. Each and every decision is underpinned by an overriding objective of preserving the biodiversity that surrounds us: forests, orchards, lagoons.

This approach starts with the planting of the plot: preserving hedges, selecting the appropriate combination of grape and rootstock for the soil type, plantation density, etc.


Soil cultivation methods are also of prime importance.
André Pfister soon realised the need to let his soil "live". Putting a stop to generalized weed-killing and replacing it with green cover and fertilizers quickly regenerated the soil's activity. The vine stocks can reap the benefits of growing in well-aired and living soil.

Observing our plots and an in-depth knowledge of our terroirs and the growing season are the driving forces behind our work on the vines. The objective of every aspect of vine management is to maintain the harmony of the vine-stock: pruning, disbudding, priming, tying and thinning, etc. In total, each rootstock receives no less than ten doses of tender loving care!

This is why we use the expression "made-to-measure cultivation".

The same energy is applied throughout the vineyard, whether the vines are used to produce Crémant, AOC Alsace or Grand Cru wines.

We are proud to work with a team that understands our exacting requirements, with Jean-Claude Heitz, André's loyal right-hand man, leading the way